I’m floating in introspection today. I don’t know why; usually I like to keep my mind on the business end of things. Housework! Play with kiddos! Write! Write, write, write!

Today, I caught myself staring out the window for five minutes straight, and I was sad. I couldn’t find a reason. It might be the mist that blankets our yard, it might be the cold, the dim light, the snow forecast for tomorrow. It might be a whole host of things, who knows.

Whatever the reason, when I went to check the photo prompt for #WarmupWednesday, this picture spoke these words to me. I hope the story wraps you up as much as it did me.


Heaven’s light bathes me now. Warmth and brilliance soak my skin, submerging me in anticipation.

Before, when I could play without tiring, run without wearying, dance without collapsing, the light appeared like a pinpoint, so distant, like a breath of a feather dream.

Now, the shades of color around me are muted in the brilliance from above. My mother’s laugh is tinged with shadows. My father’s hugs grasp me in an agony of desperation.

I don’t mind, I try to explain. See the warmth of the rays?

But they can’t see. They can only watch me climb closer to Heaven.

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