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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…. When a rash of killings breaks out in Richmond, Virginia, Rayna Johnson must confront her past and flee for her life. Survival is elusive as the killer stalks her every move. Friends are enemies and enemies are friends. Whom can she trust? Escape lies in a twisted game, where the stakes include riddles and beautiful, but deadly, dolls. One by one, the game claims its victims. Can Rayna escape a horrific death before time runs out at dawn?

From the author of Broken Crowns, Tamara Shoemaker gives us another thrilling story in the series, Shadows in the Nursery. Pretty Little Maids approaches the secret, but very real subject of human trafficking and the sex trade in the United States. While this subject matter is intense, Shoemaker presents it carefully and sensitively. Adult readers will find her treatment of this topic appropriate for sensitive readers. After facing the depravity of human trafficking, Shoemaker’s characters find redemption and healing. Her characters are human and deal with struggle and conflict as we all do, trying to do what’s right in difficult circumstances, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. PRETTY LITTLE MAIDS is one of those books you may find difficult to put down until you reach the end.

About the Shadows in the Nursery series:
This mystery and suspense thriller series invokes our favorite childhood nursery rhymes. Characters, haunted by their pasts, seek to solve riddles based on nursery rhymes, in order to redeem their futures. These novels present characters who struggle with issues of faith, romance, and the consequences of their choices. Tamara places her characters in dark, but real-life situations that threaten their faith and their lives. Themes focus on the occult, human trafficking, and other realities of the human condition.

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