Novel Feedback

What is novel feedback?

feedbackNovel feedback is a shorter version of a developmental edit. For novel feedback, I examine your manuscript for large issues, such as:

  • Story arc consistency: Does your story have a clear inciting incident, rising action, peak, falling action and denouement? Where is the structure weak?
  • Plot holes: Does your story have holes big enough to cover an elephant? What are some ideas to repair those holes?
  • Character development: Is each character consistent with the way they interact with others and with the world around them?
  • World-building: Is there a foundation for the world you build? Do you build it brick by brick, or are there pieces missing?
  • Narrative voice/Pacing issues: Does your story flow well and keep moving? Is there any spot that stagnates? Is your narrative voice streamlined or “clunky” and abrupt?
  • Genre selection/Marketing ideas: Where will you place your book on the market? Do you have ideas for marketing your work?

Novel feedback differs from a developmental edit in that it is more of an overview of the book and less intensive than a developmental edit. I do not offer a chapter-by-chapter analysis for the novel feedback, whereas I do for the developmental edit. The novel feedback is the cheapest and easiest of the edits I do.

Cost: $7/1,000 Words