faqWhat would I gain from having my manuscript edited? Each writer has the capacity to spin the beginnings of a gorgeous tapestry. I live in a community where many women create beautiful quilts, each a work of splendid art. But rarely do these women sew a quilt all by themselves. They gather together, craft patterns, sort colors, and suggest changes, all before they begin. When they’re finished, their art is astounding because it was a joint effort. Each one honed another’s work, adding finesse until it shone.

A story is beautiful if written by one person, but can become a masterpiece when honed and polished beneath an editor’s attentive eye.

Do you request samples before I send my completed manuscript? Yes. Please see my submission guidelines for details.

What if I disagree with an edit? Disagreement is certainly your prerogative. I merely help you find the best possible voice for your story. Overall, you are the author, the creator, the artist. If you have any hesitations about an edit, I will outline my reasons for it and send you my thoughts. If you review those reasons and still prefer to do something different, that’s fine.

Do I pay before or after completion of the project? I charge the full amount before I begin work on the project.

Is there a package deal, or do I pay for each edit separately? Separately. You can pay for Novel Feedback ($7/1,000 words) AND a Line Edit ($12/1,000 words). Or you may choose a Developmental Edit ($8/1,000 words) AND a Line Edit ($12/1,000 words), etc. If you choose the formatting option, you will pay for that separately, as well.

Why do you charge per 1,000 words instead of per hour? For the simple reason that I live and work at home with three young children. While I have “office hours,” interruptions are inevitable, so rather than charging you, my client, for time where I am leaping from my chair and cleaning up a mess or settling a spat, I charge you only for the work I actually do.

Is there a genre you won’t edit? I will edit any fiction. While I do accept historical manuscripts, I do not offer fact-checking services.

Do you edit non-fiction? Not at this time.

Do you offer free or discounted services? I will treat your work with the same intensive care I give my own, and for that reason, I consider my time and effort worth the asking price.

In what format can I send you my manuscript? To streamline the process (and to keep trees alive and my desk less messy), I accept manuscripts in Open Office (.odt) and Microsoft Word (.doc).

What is the typical turnaround time that it takes for an editing job? It depends on what you would like me to do. Novel Feedback will go faster than a Developmental Edit, for example. If you wish for a Developmental Edit and a Line Edit, even more time will be involved. For this reason, once you hire me, we can set a time frame for each individual project.