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When I graduated from college with an English degree, the most common mantra I heard from others was this: “What do you think you’re going to do with it?”

An excellent question. I invite you to my website for the answer. As an author and a freelance editor, I’ve given my English major a good bit of mileage. I’m an incurable bookworm, and my favorite places are those filled with books. I love literature of all kinds, and fictional characters are some of my best friends.

I live in the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA. Between manuscripts (both the writing kind and the editing kind), you can find me picking up after three children (who persist in leaving sharp toys for my poor bare feet), pestering my patient husband with excerpts from my latest work-in-progress, and occasionally hiding in a closet with Nutella and a spoon.


Some things about me:
I am a willing victim of death-by-chocolate.

I used to keep up a journal, but as I explained to it a while ago, I had to break it off. I was seeing a blog.

I’m pretty sure my kids could easily win a cuteness contest. Or ten.

Still waters run deep.

Creation sings God’s glory in the words of wind amid rustling leaves, in the whispers of rain on the roof, in the laughter of streams and the dances of cloud shadows on a mountainside.

A well-crafted sentence is better than chocolate. Almost.

I have chocolate in here twice. I may need help.

Without pressure, rocks cannot produce gems. Without fire, silver keeps its frailties. Without trouble, character hides in the dark corners.

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Twitter: @TamaraShoemaker

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