highrezheadshot“Tamara goes far and beyond what is necessary as an editor. She is knowledgeable and meticulous, but more than that, she is gifted with the ability to not only define problems in your story, but also to help you find concise and elegant solutions. She will take your work from its raw potential to a clean, polished piece in record time!”

-Taryn Noelle Kloeden, Author, Hex Breaker


Maggie“Tamara’s edits on my novella The Yellow Scarf were to the point and helped tighten the story. More importantly, she “got” the story and the characters, and her edits reflected that. Hers were the fresh set of eyes so important to any work of fiction. Her attention to plot details and her understanding of how a story should be told are her best assets as an editor. I highly recommend her.”

P.A. Duncan, Author, The Yellow Scarf and A War of Deception


Allison K. Garcia“This was my first experience with a professional editor, and now I am ready to experience ‘The Tamara Effect’ for all my future publications. Tamara Shoemaker was fast, professional, caring, and ‘ruthless, but in a nice way.’ She wasn’t afraid or unwilling to answer my thousands of questions and stood by me every step of the way. In the end, she helped to completely transform my book into what I always hoped it could be.”

Allison K. Garcia, Author, Vivir El Dream


ejsheadnew1“Tamara Shoemaker is the kind of editor your story needs. She’s careful, insightful, and inquisitive. Whether you need help unearthing the salient conflicts and tensions in your manuscript, or simply want to polish your language to a perfect sheen, Tamara will work with you to achieve your goals.”

Emily June Street, Author, Tales of Blood and Light and The Velocipede Races


“Tamara offered great suggestions for how to better develop the characters in my book, as well as how to drive the plot forward.  She provided a careful and thorough line edit, paying close attention to lots of little details that I had overlooked.  Tamara is also easy to work with and offers a super fast turn around time!  I’m thankful for her work on Messages From Maryam, and the book I am currently writing! “

Lauren Pichon, Author, Messages From Maryam


CDGILL04“Tamara Shoemaker offers comprehensive, well-structured edits in addition to conversational feedback on your storyline. Her insights and suggestions provide the necessary polish to make your manuscript shine!”

C.D. Gill, Author, Behind Lead Doors