Reach For The Stars… Or At Least The Laptop

Recently, I had the opportunity… TWICE… to accept a job at which I knew I could excel. The benefits, of course, were the paychecks that would pad a bare-bones budget. The job would have been a nice office one–no fast-food smells of grease, no standing for hours passing groceries over a belt.

Steady income from greeting people, answering phones, making copies. I accepted, right?

I didn’t. *Cue the bewildered stares* It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

All my life, I have lived with the notion that chasing dreams was an exercise in futility. There was real life, and there were dreams, and dreams were an illusion, and meant to be an illusion.

The definition of a dream from Webster: “something of an unreal beauty, charm, or excellence.” Got that? UNREAL.

So why in the world did I turn down a rock-solid REAL job offer to chase something unreal?

As most of you know, my writing career is very important to me; it’s where my talents and interests lie, and I feel strongly called to that path. I often second-guess myself on my decisions, but this career is one thing I haven’t second-guessed. It’s one of the clearest things God has ever shown me.

When is an author successful? When they’ve made the New York Times bestseller list? When they’ve reached the benchmark of selling a hundred thousand copies of their book? When Hollywood options their book for a movie?

Sure, all those things sound kind of cool, and I wouldn’t mind if my career eventually got there, but to me, success is finishing the day with a thousand words on my WIP in the bank. The smile on my daughter’s face as she shyly tells her teacher that her mommy writes books. The approving glance from my husband as he laughs over a line he just read in Kindle the Flame. The pride in my parents’ voices as they tell me they just bought a copy of my book and want me to sign it.

Granted, those things don’t necessarily put money in the bank, but the job satisfaction is #OutOfThisWorld. And one can always dream, right?

So. I turned down the job. Twice. We continue on our bare-bones budget so that I may follow my dreams.



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