The Write Giveaway

TamaraShoemaker-300dpi-3125x4167(1)Alert to all Flashdogs, FlashMonkeys, FlashDragons, and anyone else who just likes Flashy things!

In honor of the upcoming releases of new installments in two of our fantasy series, Emily June Street and I are co-hosting a ONE-TIME FLASH FICTION CONTEST on the Luminous Creatures Press Blog.

The contest submission dates run from June 28 – June 30. The prompts will be posted on June 28th, and then you’ll have two full days to create a story of 100 words or fewer to enter. The theme will be fantasy, since the newly released books we are celebrating are both fantasy stories.

Please note: you do not have to be a writer to enter this contest; Emily and I are hoping for entries from anyone who is interested in winning a free copy of our new releases, whether you’ve written anthologies, novels, flash fiction, or only your name. Come one, come all! It’ll be fun!sterling

More specifics on theme and a photo prompt will be posted on June 28th on the Luminous Creatures Press Blog.

For advance information about our rules and story content, please visit the Luminous Creatures Blog here.

Preeminent Flashdog Mark A. King has agreed to serve as our judge. The winner will receive paperback or ebook editions of our two new books: Embrace the Fire, by Tamara Shoemaker, a YA novel set in a classic fantasy world with dragons, elves, and other creatures, and Sterling, by Emily June Street, a fantasy romance with an intricate magic system.




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