The Dragons are Coming!

Nearly a year ago, I released my first fantasy ever, Kindle the Flame. I had intended to put the second one in the trilogy on the market within six months, but various things got in the way (namely this book and this book), and I’m only just getting the sequel ready now.

But it’s here, y’all! June 1, 2016, exactly one year from the date Kindle the Flame came out, Embrace the Fire will be available on Amazon!


If you’d like to pre-order the book (which is great for kick-starting my book into the higher echelons of Amazon’s ranking systems), check out this link here!

Need a reminder what Kindle the Flame was about? Check out the book trailer! You all invested in this series when you voted for me to win the trailer contest, and Dalitopia Media came through with a fantastic one. Seriously, check it out!

Now I’ll stop rambling so you can head over to that link and buy the book. 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon when you’re done. I can’t stress enough how crucial reviews are for indie authors to get anywhere in the publishing business, and even a one-liner is quite sufficient.



Wanted by King Sebastian, Kinna, the long-hidden daughter of the assassinated King Liam, flees for her life, determined to seek out her twin brother and free him from Sebastian’s dungeons. Meanwhile, the King holds Kinna’s adopted father as collateral to ensure she keeps her betrothal to a man she does not love.

Once cursed by King Sebastian to turn everything he touched to ash, Ayden suffers from new, searing pain that heats his flesh in a different way. Searching for answers, he digs into the histories of West Ashwynd’s Clans, and his discoveries lead him to the Amulet he’d thought had rid him of his curse. When he finds a rare Mirage Dragon, hope for vengeance upon Sebastian fills him again.

Captured and stripped of his power as Dragon-Master, Cedric resists using his Dragon-speak to advance Sebastian’s political aims. When he escapes the King’s clutches, he resolves to find his twin sister, Kinna. But the enemy has a long reach, and Cedric’s chains are unrelenting.

Ice and agony torment Sebastian, King of West Ashwynd. His fury rages unabated as he prepares for war. When treachery leeches into his ranks, he turns against everyone he trusts. Sebastian believes he cannot be outwitted, but…

Kingdoms rise and fall; wars transform nations—but who can survive the fires of Dragons?

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