Mark of Four available NOW for pre-order!

You know what’s fantastic?

Logging onto Amazon and doing a search to find that my brand new book, Mark of Four, is available for pre-order right now!

Granted, you might not find that small piece of information as terribly exciting as I do, but perhaps you might be interested enough to click this LINK, which will take you to Amazon’s site, and you might even find your finger hovering over the “pre-order” button.

I won’t talk you out of it. 😉

At least come see what all my dancing and squealing is about. 🙂


SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD ALAYNE WORTH is an Elemental Water-Wielder. All she wants is to master her talent and live a normal life, but the sudden escape of a feared criminal leaves her family reeling and threatens to keep her from achieving her dreams, especially when the criminal’s reach pushes too close to home.

Secret pasts, strange powers, and tense relationships weave a tangled net around her. As she leaves home to cultivate her skills at an Elemental training center, she clashes with a disturbing reality: both good and evil forces covet Alayne’s unusual gifts, and each side is willing to do almost anything to obtain them.

As Alayne confronts the battle for the power she possesses, she must discover the truth of who she is.


Four Elements

Four Powers

Four Paths



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