It’s been a good week for writing. This past week, I won for the first time over at Three Line Thursday, and then yesterday I picked up a 1st runner-up at Flash! Friday. Loads of incredible competition, too. Check out this link for some of the other winners.

I was supposed to write my story about the below prompt and include a Catch-22. This particular picture was a huge challenge for me. Normally, I’ll write two stories per competition (the limit allowed), but I just wasn’t feeling it. However, these words managed to eke from my uninspired fingertips.


Shadows tinge my mind, graying the edges of decision.

You wrought my prison when your lungs emptied of air.
When your heart ceased its rhythmic dance, you escaped to your freedom
And left me a prisoner behind bars of loneliness and pain.
You smoothed my cheek and told me to live.
You dimpled your smile and told me to laugh.
You freed my burning eyes from tears and told me to love again once you were gone.

In your pitiless mercy, you turned your back and slipped from my life,
A breath of wind that stirred my hair,
And a tornado that ravaged my heart.
You allowed Disease to lead you away, to close your eyes,
And you left me the keys to freedom from a cage of your making.

The shadows of those keys cavort on the wall in a dichotomy of regret and opportunity.
Either I free myself from the bars and watch you fade into a wisp of memory,
Or I shackle myself to Yesterday and shred my lungs with the pain of simple breath.

You are my jailer, and you’ve given me the keys.
But now you’re gone and I am lost in the shades of indecision.

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