SOUL SURVIVOR is here!!!

Between the publication of Ashes, Ashes and Soul Survivor, there was a span of 14 months. It felt like forever, but at the same time, it passed in a flash as I busied myself writing new books, participating in contests, honing my craft, doing a million projects I’ve set for myself, and now I finally have another book on the market!

Cover7I’m so excited, y’all! Swing by the link and pick up your copy today.

This book has a special place in my heart as I set it in Asheville, North Carolina and the Smoky Mountains in which I grew up. Those of you familiar with the area will recognize several landmarks, including the Biltmore House and the Grove Park Inn, and if anyone wants to imagine where on the Parkway I placed the Manor, just head another mile or two up the twisting, winding road past Craggy Gardens, and you’ll find the views I imagined as I built the house in my imagination.

Care to read some reviews? One reviewer says: “As a writer, Tamara Shoemaker is honing her skill, and Soul Survivor is her best novel yet.

Another says: “I was pleasantly surprised by this tight little thriller. It had realistic, believable characters and a well-woven plot with a twist that caught me off guard.

You’ve perhaps read my “Making of Soul Survivor” posts; now you can read the thriller itself. Check it out, and then (if you would be so kind), head back to Amazon or Goodreads or both and leave your own review on this book. As an indie author and an author with a small press, I rely on those reviews to help me generate income, so when you leave a review, you’re playing a huge part in making my dreams reality.

Thanks in advance.


Will a 12-year-old secret and the death of her twin continue to haunt Eden Grey? Or will she find the courage to face her loss and fear and escape the killer who wants what she’s hiding?

Twenty-two year old Eden Grey knows all about fear, bitterness, and heartbreak. Twelve years ago, she’d witnessed a stranger’s murder in a shadowy highway rest stop. The next day, she’d found her twin brother Evan drowned. A secret that endangered her own life and the lives of those she loved kept her silent.

Now fresh out of college and living in Williamsburg, Virginia, Eden struggles daily. An incapacitating stammer results from her traumatic past and shields her from social interactions and the persistent and attentive Greg Katts.

When she discovers Greg’s true identity, the old fear seizes her and she flees.

Seeking to hide in the obscurity of the Smoky Mountains, Eden takes a job at Blue Mist Manor, a renovated mansion run by Jake Hayden, Eden’s old flame. He’s betrayed her before; how can she trust his offering of protection now? Or should she place her faith in Aaron, the dashing and flattering English professor staying at the Manor?

When the killer closes in, Eden has one last chance. Will she run, as she did twelve years earlier, or will she fight to survive?

Soul Survivor is more than a gripping mystery. It’s a story of how one young woman deals with loss, fear, and betrayal. Will she let her past dictate her future? Or will she learn to trust again?

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