COVER REVEAL for KINDLE THE FLAME! Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!


Out of all my books, I am perhaps most excited about this one. Why? Because fantasy is my true love, and Kindle the Flame is my first fantasy to hit the market. This particular baby was a result of National Novel Writing Month this past November, when I sat down and wrote an entire novel in one month’s time.

118,000 words of pure imagination! Thanks to the efforts of my editor, it’s now narrowed down to around 110,000 words. Still, lots of meat in this book.

So here, my dear readers, is the cover for this brain-child (and can I admit I’m crazy thrilled with it?). Below it, I’m including a description. I hope you’ll enjoy this story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. 🙂

Kindle the FlameA girl who never fit in, a young man forced into an outcast’s life, a boy raised without a community, and a ruler who holds the key to their destinies…

Kinna has a Pixie she can’t train and a head full of doubts. Her worst fears come true when she fails the Tournament entrance test. She flees her Clan in disgrace, inexplicably drawn to a Mirage, a rare Dragon she has no business training.

Ayden is cursed—anyone he touches turns to ash before his eyes. He hides amongst the Dragon Clan with the only creatures he cannot hurt. When Kinna frees his favorite Dragon, his world turns upside down.

Cedric grows up in isolation, fostered by an outcast Centaur. When tragedy strikes, he ventures into a strange new world of Dragons, political intrigue, and magic.

Sebastian’s country hovers on the brink of war. Chased from his rightful throne, he schemes to retake his kingdom by any means possible, even if it threatens an ancient agreement that underpins the foundation of his realm.

Only by examining their pasts will these four find their futures. But will they survive the fires of discovery?

3 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL for KINDLE THE FLAME! Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    • TamaraShoemaker says:

      They’re all available in both ebook and paper back, though the ebook will hit the market a few weeks sooner than the paperbacks in my new releases. 🙂 I prefer paperback, too. 🙂


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