Sky Diving


So, I took a big step last night.

I bought a domain name. That’s it. That’s me. I made my own little dimple in the vast internet-ly ocean of currents.

It’s not that big a deal, you think.

You’re probably right. It’s really not. I clicked on the domain name and voila! My new site.

Now, I’ve never gone sky diving, and there’s not a single temptation anyone could spread before me to get me to approach a plane with a parachute on my back. I will die first. But I have a pretty decent imagination, and I imagine that the same feeling of terror and helplessness and stomach-wave-bye-bye feeling that would accompany me on that first jump from the plane would be fairly similar to what I felt last night as my husband nodded his slow permission for me to go for it.

I was terrified. And now, I have my own site.

To me, that means that I need to earn the right to keep that spot, to actually make a career out of what began as a hobby, to put in the hours and hours and hours of sweat and sleepless nights and mind-numbing agony over relentless plot holes.

That makes it sound bad.

I love this writing thing. If I didn’t love it so much, I’d give it up before one pulse-beat moved to the next. I love to create worlds from my mind, memorize them and toss them out onto my laptop screen, and from there, to find them spread before me in novel form.

So, I bought the site. And now, I’m going sky diving. See you all at the bottom!

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